Five Thumbs' search results are highly targeted towards the very first keyword in any image. In fact, if a buyer doesn't include your first keyword in their search (even if they have all four others) it's highly unlikely to feature in any search result.

We spent many hours deciding on how much emphasis to give to the first keyword and we can't stress enough, to both contributors and buyers, how important it is to get that first keyword right.

Here's an example we hope might go some way to explaining it's importance:

Imagine you have a picture of a black cat asleep on a sofa

Now, there are plenty of reasons why a particular buyer might want to use your particular image. They might be illustrating a blog about cats. They might be designing an advertisement for sofas. They might be writing an article on sleep. Or maybe they're creating a poster for Halloween. Whatever their need, they will undoubtedly place their most important keyword first.

For the cat blog they will obviously need an image with a cat, so they put 'cat' first. A sleeping cat might add a nice touch but isn't necessary.

For the advertisement they need a sofa, so they put 'sofa' first. They may not be too bothered if there's no cat, in fact, a small dog might suffice.

The sleep article? Well, that could show pretty much anything asleep. A cat, dog, person, whatever it is, it needs to be asleep. So 'sleep' becomes their first keyword.

As for Halloween. They might not even want a cat at all, just a traditional Halloween type image.

Now, as a contributor you need to study your image and pick a keyword which describes the main focus of your image. What it actually shows, not what you think people might be searching for. If most of the image is taken up with the cat then there's no point putting 'sofa' or 'halloween' first. You might miss out on having your image seen, but then again, it's unlikely to be bought for those terms. It's far better to use 'cat' as your first keyword, then choose the next most important word, and so on.

Giving buyers accurate matches to their searches means more chance of sales, and that's why you're here, right?