Dreamstime is one of the biggest and best stock libraries on the internet. It has over 100 million images for buyers to choose fro..... whoa! Hold on! 100 million? That may be great for the buyer, but what are the chances of my images being seen? I'd get better odds on winning the lottery. I've only got 126 images, which is 0.00000126% of the total number of images. There's no point going on there as I've got no chance of selling any against people with thousands.

I read this all the time on photography forums and, although it has some truth, it's not all bad news. True, there is a lot of competition on Dreamstime and some of their contributors are full time studios with tens of thousands of images.

So what can you do to give yourself a fighting chance of getting your stock images seen?

Well, you've found it. Five Thumbs. It's completely free to join and allows each contributor to link five images from their Dreamstime portfolio, however many they may have online.

It's a completely level playing field. In fact, with only five keywords as well, it actually reduces the chances of sales for everyone as irrelevant keywords don't muddy the results. It doesn't matter which images you choose either. You can feature your top sellers, your latest images, your under-achievers, or simply the most newsworthy or seasonal. Actually, the more obscure your images, the less competition you'll have.