Imagine you've added a stock shot to Five Thumbs of a brown cow in a field eating grass. You've added the keywords cow, field, grass, eating and brown. Now imagine ten other stock photographers have included similar images with exactly the same keywords. Not only that, they've placed them in exactly the same order. How do you make sure your image is one of the five displayed when a buyer uses those exact terms? After all, all ten images will get five thumbs, right?

That's true, but Five Thumbs has one extra feature which, when used regularly, will help ensure your images show first in the search results. Timing. Yes, the results are ordered firstly by keyword matches and then by what time they were saved. So the more recent images will show before older images. Not only does this help contributors gain more exposure for their images, it also helps keep images fresh by rotating them around.

So remember. Update your images regularly to give them as much chance as possible of being seen by a buyer.